About Mia Sasha Cosmetics

Healthy Skin Beginswith Sasha Cosmetics.

Founded in 1989, Mia Sasha has always been committed to bringing premier quality skin care products to over 30 countries around the world.

The real wealth of our organization is our customer base of over 3.5 million who individually understand that it’s a right rather than a privilege, to maintain and have the healthy skin that we are all born with as a child.

Sasha Cosmetics vision is to set an industry standard where skin care becomes synonymous in the household with the importance of caring for your family. Our products will be passed on from generation to generation as a wealth of information to be shared in maintaining healthy skin which in return is essential to a healthy and balanced life.

An individual’s face is the primary point of focus for everyone. Healthy skin and a great complexion help build confidence and promote a more outgoing personality. Whether walking down the street or standing in front of an audience presenting a speech, healthy skin stands out as an individual’s trademark. This trademark is a direct reflection on how one takes care of oneself and Sasha Cosmetics makes sure you always look your best.

Sasha Cosmetics has harnessed the power of a natural compound known as Saponin that is used in all of its beauty products. Saponin is found in the leaves, stems, roots, bulbs and blossoms of fruit and plants and its name is derived from the word soap. By utilizing this natural compound Sasha Cosmetics has formulated a natural cleanser that heals and rejuvenates the skin by penetrating the outer layer and nourishing the inner cells with healthy, organic compounds that promote radiance and beauty.

Your skin knows one thing or one task – which is to prevent anything from going in. That’s a challenge and we have been working very hard in order to find a way, to trick the skin in order to accept our wonderful ingredients. Based on our finding Saponin mimics natural enzymes that fool the skin into believing it is delivering nutrients, allowing the Saponon to penetrate the skin barrier. We then manipulated the Saponon shells to create up to 325 different shell thicknesses that we determined would deliver ingredients to specific areas in the skin.Our studies indicate that once Saponin shells are absorbed by the skin and start descending, the skin begins dissolving them. The thicker the Saponin shells, the longer it takes to dissolve, and deeper they can penetrate. When the shells are fully dissolved, the healing ingredients are released and absorbed by the targeted cells.

With beautiful skin for all skin types as Sasha Cosmetics main goal, you can be assured of a quality product that will benefit your whole family. Whether you have mildly problematic skin, or a teenager that is experiencing skin that is troublesome or hard to predict, Sasha Cosmetics will make everyone look their best. Our products are designed to work together to clear up problem areas, maintain a healthy, youthful appearance and prevent future breakouts or blemishes. The Sasha Cosmetics Skin Care System truly is your answer to a great first impression!

By using the full line of Sasha Cosmetics, you can be take advantage of a skin care system that is designed to promote health and beauty. Sasha Cosmetics prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients and formulating products that are available for all skin types and conditions.

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