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A message from the Founder:

I have been in the skin care and beauty industry for nearly 40 years.

Even with all the advances we are seeing in healthcare and technology, there is still no skin care regimen that can safely and effectively improve skin quality with natural ingredients the way we have developed at Mia Sasha Cosmetics.

We recently revamped our website, and I found some old video from the archives. It’s good vintage fun. But the data and facts still ring true today. I’m just as proud and excited about our products now as I was back in 1989.

Please watch our “refresher course” on Mia Sasha products below, then I invite your to take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free product discount to celebrate the re-opening of Just order three products of your choosing and we will send a fourth at no extra cost.

In good health,
Hon. Hussam Azhak,
Founder and CEO Mia Sasha Cosmetics

We harness the power of a natural compound “Saponin”

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